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TrainTogether Training Video


We recently completed work on the first Training Module for TrainTogether. Andrew Kane, Commercial Director from HeadsTogether approached us about making role-play videos to illustrate “What to do” and “What not to do” when managing people as part of their management training programs. To ensure Andrew got the maximum return on investment, we suggested that the videos should not just be role play videos but work as stand-alone video content for marketing purposes. 

“We were absolutely delighted with the finished video, particularly the quality and the clarity of the messaging. The quality of Darren’s finished product is where his past network TV experience shows through. In terms of quality, you’d be happy to show that video in any environment. Clarity of messaging was equally important to us, and Darren nailed it. Before going any further, he took the time to thoroughly understand the central ideas that we were trying to get across, and he challenged us to take a step back to think through the original brief. Anyone can make a video, but it was Darren’s approach of clarifying at the outset exactly what we were trying to achieve as a business. That ensured we got a video that will work for us. Darren was committed to making sure we were 100% satisfied with the finished product, and he was very patient with all our requests for small changes. I would be happy to recommend Darren to any organisation needing quality video content”.

Andrew Kane 

Commercial Director - Headstogether Consulting


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